I just wanted to express my gratitude for your preparedness during the comprehensive safety audit we conducted in August.  Holly Construction's performance was, by far, the best initial audit we have conducted since implementing the program two years ago.  Your programs were very solid and you appear to be taking an upfront and proactive role in safety performance.  I applaud you and your company for the dedication you place on safety; the effort shows and is noticed by Marathon.  In addition, thank you for the quick response to the few corrective actions that were assigned.  I fully expect the audit to be formally closed very soon.”

Nick Allshouse
HES Professional
Marathon Petroleum Company
Ohio Refining Division



I just wanted to pass along how impressed I was with Holly Construction and the job they did on tank 476 (and the repairs to tank 475).

It was apparent to me that Holly took safety seriously and I was very comfortable having them on the job.  Whether it was our morning safety meetings with them, the work they did on the tank or their housekeeping efforts in the area of the tank, Holly was very engaged and did a good job.

Multiple Supervisors from Holly would periodically stop by East Sparta and check on the progress of the work and while here they would stop in my office to make sure the Holly employees doing the work were meeting our standards and satisfying our expectations of them.

I would gladly have them back to East Sparta for any tank work in the future. …”

Scott Crofts
East Sparta Area Manager
Marathon Pipe Line LLC



This letter regards the performance of Holly Construction, Inc. on the erection of a new 1,500,000 gallon fuel oil storage tank at the Detroit Edison St. Clair Power Plant.  This letter will hopefully serve as a testimonial about their work performance.

Holly Construction personnel behaved in a professional manner at all times while on the site.  The managers, engineers, and all tradespersons were a joy to work with.  They were on site promptly in the morning, worked with breaks as allowed by contract, and finished the day to completion, without any supervisory effort from Detroit Edison.  They were truly a self managed entity while on site.

Their work ethic was complimented by their skill.  Quality was their mantra from the foundation to the roof.  The finished product is their testimonial, delivered ahead of schedule and without defect.

Their safety performance during this project was stellar.  The Detroit Edison safety training sessions were taken with enthusiasm. 

The documentation of their own safety training was delivered as requested.  Their safety behaviors were excellent.
Pre-job safety briefs were held daily.  Consideration for safety aspects of the job happened spontaneously with their crews. Confined space procedures were adhered to meticulously.  The job was completed without incident.  It doesn't get any better than that. 

Thanks for a safe and successful project.”

Steven C. Down, P.E.
Principal Engineer
DTE Energy – St. Clair Power Plant



Larry I would like to thank you for the exceptional work your company provided on the three projects that where just completed in Michigan.  Our Wayne to Flint 203 System Mainline Hydro Test which you provided crews at both stations.  The fabrication and installation of a new Scraper Trap at our Detroit  Station for our 202 system from Detroit to Dearborn Terminals where we completed a nitrogen purge and tie-in of the system in one day.  This was a planned two day purge and tie-in but due to scheduling conflicts on the day of installation we needed to complete this project in one day.  Your employees met that deadline.  The Flint Station and Terminal Hydro Test was a project we decided to complete during the 203 Mainline Hydro Test with your crew staged at Flint. The project required removal of paper gaskets on the stations suction and discharge piping flanges and valves (gates, checks and control valves) including below grade check valves.  This require removal of all these valves, installation of blinds and upon completion of a successful test reassembling the Station and Terminal piping.Your crew was not aware of this project until a day before work was to commence.  Your employees exhibited an exceptional work ethic during these projects.

Throughout the years your company and its employees have always been there at a moments notice. How they perform and the service they provide is what makes Holly Construction special.  These projects could not have been completed without the full efforts of you and your employees.  Thank you not only for the services you provided but for the employees who perform these services.  We at Buckeye appreciate them very much.”

Mr. Christ A. Tricoff Jr.
Supervisor Field Operations
Buckeye Pipe Line Company



I wanted to personally thank you for the response that Holly Construction Co. provided in the completion of our emergency shutdown work on our FCCU the weekend of October 31, 2009. The timely and proficient resources you provided allowed for the safe and timely shutdown and startup of the unit.  Could you please pass on my thanks to the following individuals who participated in the effort:

Chuck Javosky, William Roe, Bradley Bertin, James Pyykkonen, Michael Huber, Brian Bevis, John Lilly, Shawn Wood, David Osemlak, Jeffery Montminy, Michael Hanley, Michael Harrison, Vincent Barry

Thank you for your assistance, and your responsiveness to our needs.”

Patrick Lysaght

Maintenance Manager
Marathon Petroleum Comapany    



Holly Construction is an industrial contractor with a “World Class” safety program.

Holly has developed and implemented their safety program for the work they perform as contractors working within large industrial facilities (refineries, steel mills, etc). Their program includes frequent and regular safety and health inspections performed by a full time designated safety professional. Holly Construction’s management instructs all of their employees in the recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions. Job safety and health “Toolbox Talks” are conducted at the beginning of each work day by the crew foreman and job hazard analyses are prepared for job tasks and reviewed with the workers. Holly has maintained an outstanding safety track record during our alliance.”

Jim Stanley
F ormer deputy assistant secretary of labor for OSHA


I became very familiar with Holly Construction beginning in 1989 when I was the Refinery Manager at Marathon's 100,000 B/D Detroit Refinery. Holly's work ethic and safety performance were outstanding. Their attention to schedule and the details of the work were better than anything I had ever seen. (After completing my career with Marathon in 2008 this is still the case.) Their productivity is normally 2-3 times better than any of their competition. Holly has a strong leadership team that believes in treating people/employee with respect and dignity while expecting outstanding performance for its clients. I would never hesitate in recommending Holly Construction as they are truly an outstanding company.”

Larry Echelberger
Retired (2008) Sr. VP
Refining Marathon Oil Co. and
Sr. VP
Major Projects Marathon Oil Co.